"Life is like a game of Truth Or Dare, and your decision is the answer."
Each and everyday we are constantly surrounded by the task of making a decision. Our theme “Truth Or Dare” explores the concept of one questioning “realities” or norms, and having the decision to choose between accepting or differing from them. The choice of “Truth” represents the acceptance that these “realities” reflect what is true and that you should continue reinforcing them, while the contrary choice, “Dare” symbolizes how one should (quite literally) dare to challenge these norms and take action for what YOU yourself believe is true.

We have chosen this theme as we believe in sparking intellectual conversations that make people have the courage to question and think more outside the box. Daring to speak up against norms empowers not only yourself, but also gives you the ability to think in more depth and help foster change, one small step at a time. TEDxChulalongkornU aims to be a wholesome event where individual definitions of truth are exchanged in inspiring and creative ways to showcase a rainbow of perspectives. Whether you choose to conform or argue against these “truths”, in the end, it is all up to you.

Your decision is the answer.

What exactly is “TED”?

The non-profit organization of TED passionately believes in the power of ideas worth spreading, through the use of powerful and innovative speakers discussing a diverse range of topics. Being an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED Talks aims to create a collaborative sphere of thinkers converging together to exchange their worldviews, thoughts and opinions freely. Sporting over 100 languages of awe-inspiring speeches from across the globe, TED Talks are on a quest to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world.


TEDxChulalongkornU is an independently organized event that takes part in bringing the TED spirit of sharing ideas worth spreading to life. Humbly hosted by students of Chulalongkorn University, TEDxChulalongkornU encourages individuals to bring forward discussions and conversations in our own community, be it in Chula, Bangkok or Thailand itself. We aim to foster the minds of the curious to discover new ideas, inspiring individuals one speech at a time. We wholeheartedly believe in igniting change, be it big or small, by showcasing and representing the voice and the perspectives of the Thai community.